The word “Google” is very famous when it comes to search engines. Will you believe that this search engine generates 3.5 billion searches every day? If you need any sort of info, your parents, teachers or family elders will just say the three famous words – Just Google It. However, is Google the only search engine in the entire universe? If you think so, you are mistaken. There are, at least, seventeen alternative search engines which are famous for their own algorithm and giving the right information as per the personalized need of an individual. But, coming to the topic this article is based on, Bing and Yahoo occupy a prominent place in the search engines (other than Google). It is well-known that search engines contribute a lot to businesses when it comes to digital marketing, social media marketing and SEO services. However, regarding search engines, digital marketing experts around the world prefer to have their marketing campaigns on Google to get the best result. Yet will you believe there are many companies and millions of individuals who use the other engines for search and social media marketing purposes? This article on why Bing search engines have become famous in recent times will throw more light on this aspect.

Let us focus on the sixteen alternative search engines, shall we? –  

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex
  • CC Search
  • SwissCows
  • DuckDuckGo
  • StartPage
  • Gibiru
  • OneSearch
  • Boardreader
  • giveWater
  • Ekoru
  • Ecosia
  • Slideshare
  • Internet Archive

Competition Between Google and Bing

Bing is, at present, the current leader that is offering stiff competition to Google in the search engine market. Considered as an answer to the search giant by Microsoft, Bing replaced MSN search in 2009. Though it started with a minimal percentage in the search market, it gained loyalists quickly. The Bing team once again gained prominence and increased their percentage significantly by entering into business deals with Yahoo and AOL. 

At present, this search engine is almost emulating Google in the advertising era. They have added many features to their Ads campaigns. Now, many industry experts accept the fact that they see the same features in Bing Ads as in its foremost competitor, Google Ads. Still, many changes are being made in the advertising infrastructure, such as changes in keyword matches, adword campaigns and more in Bing. 

Why Bing Search Engines Have Become Famous in Recent Times

It is true that this search engine will take at least half a decade to reach the same spot or popularity such as Google. But there are many industries in the UK and US which swear by the results of this search engine. The other factor which works in their favor, is the algorithms are easy to predict, understand and you can even optimize the keyword as per the need. However, it is not mandatory, these algorithms will remain the same. But as per genuine reports, there will be no changes in them at least for half a decade.

The total search traffic for the Bing search engine, when compared to Google, is almost negligible, so there are less keyword phrases to rank which is good for business ROI. Every search engine does need a separate method of managing the adwords, CPC as well as demographics. So, the conversion rates will differ.

In Google, we have the G-suite. Similarly, in Bing, we have the “Bing for Business” when it comes to their enterprise customers. With this feature, it becomes easy for businesses to go for searches inside their organization.

Bing have also moved into the Voice Search sector and have fortified its base firmly from the year 2016. Its executives have clearly stated that nearly 25 percent of searches came from voice search. There is another feather in the cap, that the popular Virtual Assistants, Alexa and Cortana use Bing for searches.


Also, Microsoft works with many search engines, such as Yahoo!, AOL, Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, MSN, Lycos, and Going by the standards, the parent company of Bing can also work with other smaller search engines in other nations to give information as soon as possible.  

Since the search volume is less, there are some small companies in the UK and US which prefer to use Bing for their online marketing campaigns. The advantages are

  1. 45 percent more click rate than its competitor, Google
  2. The normal cost per click budget comes to 30 percent less than Google prices.
  3. The cost to get a new customer is estimated to be 40 percent less than Google.
  4. Bing filters search results according to various categories such as maps, news, videos, and images.
  5. In the US, as per an estimate, nearly 126 million use Bing for their searches. Another factor, working with ease for their popularity, is that the parent company is Microsoft. So, since Windows is one of the most successful OS platforms and devices, they will prefer routing to their own search engine.
  6. As per a survey, persons who prefer using Bing search engines are found to be more educated, mature (above 45 years of age) and have settled in life. So, if you are a business entrepreneur who wants to move to Bing advertising to make an impact on your industry niche, you are BANG on Target!
  7. In images, Bing shows the best search results than its popular counterpart, Google. When you search for images in Bing, the results usually generate high quality images. There is also the option of filtering and downloading images as per Image Size, Color, Type, layout, Date and of course, the most important is license. You can easily check the images which are free to use and download. 
  8. Video searches – It is well-known, Bing’s Competitor is the parent of youtube, but the design for displaying videos is better. You can type a word for search and view the video without deviating from your SERPs.


The number of persons visiting this search engine amounts to 1.3 billion visits in a span of thirty days. So, it is high time businesses around the globe take notice of this search engine. Many have already switched over to Bing or use Google and this search engine as per their needs. If Bing goes in the same way, it will be only a matter of time, when we can hear the phrases “Want some information? Bing it and see the results.”

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