Have you been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug? There are many, who post the Covid-19 pandemic, have given up on their entrepreneurship dreams and have started focusing only on the day jobs. Then, there are others (you), who keep working in a day job, but have the business dream intact. Also, you have an out-of-the-box idea that your friends and family promise will get huge returns. Does the last sentence ring a bell on your mind? Then, this article is for you. Welcome to the blog page of WebDigi and the next round of content will give enough valuable information on the E-commerce website that can suit your business ideas.


It was Flipkart which first burned the flame for online entrepreneurs in India.At present, with Walmart and Amazon entering the frame in the same segment, the market is too big to handle. Also, the online sales have only increased in number because the respective State Governments in Indian States have imposed lockdown measures (Corona pandemic). What will you do, if the law prohibits from going out in the public, but there is a need for essential items? You will order it online. So, there are multiple chances, at the present situation, brick-and-mortar businesses that may have closed down because of lockdown will find it difficult to sustain in the market. So, the doors of success, even for a new E-commerce website seem bright.

There was a time when online shopping was considered a luxury. Many Indians used to log in Amazon or Flipkart websites only when there was mega offers during the festival seasons. But now, it has become a necessity. Okay, let us get back to the main reason of you reading this article. Let us first look at the types of E-commerce businesses. Then you can decide on the best combination between your idea and the E-commerce types.

B2B – Business 2 Business Model

The name conveys the meaning – transactions happen from one business to the other. The companies in this type range from software corporations, supply enterprises, logistics agencies, document hosting establishments and others. If your idea pertains to this type in E-Commerce website design, then you will require more investment. Examples – Infosys, Wipro, InMobi and more.

B2C: Business 2 Consumer Type

The most traditional type that has been followed for millions of years. You can find similar types of businesses in the market and most of them will be brick-and-mortar stores. In this business type, the business sells products/services to customers. You can find several examples such as Reliance retail, Sangeetha Mobile Stores, Myntra and SnapDeal.


You can easily understand B2B and B2C concept, but C2C – is that not new? Yes, you may have heard a similar idea, but we can see your eyebrows raised over the name. This industry found way because of the trustworthy online websites. The most common famous names connected with this industry are eBay/Craigslist. As a customer, you can sell, buy or refer products, items or services online, but yes, you will have to pay a small fee to the online site. Please note, many enthusiasts opened similar E-Commerce website design platforms connected to C2C websites, but closed their doors soon.

C2B: Can that happen?

This is another model that was not existent prior to two decades. But, it hasbecome popular in recent times. It revolves around customers selling products or offering their services to businesses. Examples will be the websites such as Upwork. Yes, you can definitely include monetization
strategies such as Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and similar concepts.


The models mentioned above are considered the top primary E-commerce web design structures. However, please note, there are also other models such as (B2G or B2A, C2G, G2B, G2C and more). We will focus on these models in our next article.

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