The trend started on a slow scale in 2014. The era of online entrepreneurs. There were many who put their heart and soul in online business ventures, or let us say, Ecommerce websites. Do we need to say that Amazon and Walmart pulled the right strings? With their successes, many websites got launched with similar or different business ideas? Do you have a similar fool-proof idea to have an excellent ECommerce website of your own? Then, you need to know at least the basic features required in a business website to attract visitor traffic and become successful. This article gives information on the top 8 features required in an ECommerce website to become a brand in quick time.

One of the first tasks, you must take time and decide is an attractive URL. You have to time and again check at the first instance, if the URL makes the perfect combination for your business, name, vision, spelling etc. It will be better if the name can also resemble any popular social media platform. For help, you can use Panabee or GoDaddy for getting the best name in your business. For hosting, you can count on GoDaddy or Name Vine.

Have you made the best decision in your life, finally selected your domain name and hosting provider? Then, now is the time to check on authentic features required in your online business website. Why would a customer visit your eCommerce website? To buy items in quick time, navigate many web pages with ease, and then pay the amount via the trusted Payment Gateway. Your digital presence should always contain features that make customers get a positive experience on your website.

1. Shopping Cart

If there is a feature which occupies a prominent role in an E-commerce website, it is the Shopping Cart. Your customers use the cart to store their products and continue navigating for more. Yet, you need to have two types of a shopping cart. The first is for the registered user and the last (second) for guest-users. Both should contain the same features for an easy check-out. Please take care to ensure that the guest user should not get annoyed about not being a registered name on your website. The process for the check-out should remain the same for both users.

There was a time when online shopping was considered a luxury. Many Indians used to log in Amazon or Flipkart websites only when there were mega offers during the festival seasons. But now, it has become a necessity. Okay, let us get back to the main reason for you reading this article. Let us first look at the types of E-commerce businesses. Then you can decide on the best combination between your idea and the E-commerce types.

2. Security

Just type the words – “online frauds” and you will see a range of criminal activities ranging from phishing, vishing and many more. So, every online visitor will think twice before entering his/her confidential details about the credit card/debit card on a new website. Security is one among the top 8 features required in an Ecommerce website. Being the website owner, you should take care to ensure the details on the credit card do not get saved on your website. The checkout gets completed via a secure payment gateway. The password should get hashed or turn to encrypted text so that it is not in a readable format. Please note, it is mandatory to get an SSL certificate. This will prevent any sort of identity theft from your website and will build trust among the visitors.

3. Scalable Infrastructure

The hosting provider and the package you opt for, should be able to withstand the large number of visitors attending your website. If the latency increases in number, then the business will fall in value and you will sustain a loss. In this situation, you can make use of CDN (content delivery network) to improve the performance and proper alignment of products on the layout. With the help of CDN, you can ensure the website is available 24/7. So, while speaking with the website development company, ensure you remember this point.

4. Mobile Compatibility

Gone were the days when customers used to frequent only brick-and-mortar stores. Now, many buy needy items only from online stores. Here, they can, with patience, look at various products, add to a cart, and then make the payment for home delivery. So, your E-commerce website should reflect on three principles. First is the responsiveness of the website in any device, then ensuring the WAP optimization is complete and finally, the APIs are also implemented on the website. The last factor is the crucial feature required in a business website. The reason, many customers like to browse & buy on Ecommerce websites only through their mobile phones.

You must have got the importance of mobile responsiveness for your Ecommerce platforms. There was a time when a website was only meant for PC or laptops, but now, it must fit in every type of device ranging from mobiles to tablets.

5. Reports

If you are hosting an ECommerce website, you want to make profits. So, you need to integrate marketing tools, analytical features so that you can get proper data and prepare the strategy.

6. Logistics Integration

This feature involves sending deliveries of products to the customer’s desired location. If you have allowed other merchants to stock their products in your website, then the logistic software should send updates about the products to their emails or mobiles.

7. Content Management Systems

You need CMS because there can be versions in the logo, product description, policies & footer links etc. All these aspects, you can handle from the website backend.

8. Order Management

Do you want to have an E-Commerce website where even other businessmen can stock their products and make a sale? Then, it is mandatory to have a proper order management panel. The merchant, who stocks his/her products on the online store should get authentic information on refunds, cancellation of orders, Complete-on-Delivery verification, status update, exchange deals, discount offers and more. The merchant will get all the information from the order management panel right from the booking of products until the complete delivery and payment. In recent times, many business owners prefer this type of management panel. So, you can include order management as one of the top features required in an Ecommerce website.


The above-mentioned features are the most important in an e-commerce website. Yes, there are other aspects such as contact information, social media icons integration, proper navigation features, FAQs and more. Has this article given you valuable information on the basic features required in a business website? Are you on the look-out for a world-class web developer for your website? Please note, our company has the best web developers in Auckland and the globe. We also have a team of experts specialized in graphic design services, content creation, SEO services, SMO, and digital marketing. We can not only design the best ECommerce platform for your ideas but also help in digital marketing strategies. Our team has always walked the extra mile with domestic and international clients to take their business to the next level. Interested to work with us? We can design the best eCommerce platform as per your need by making use of the recent technologies.

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