Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Services’ Experts Can Create Responsive, SEO-Friendly, Result-Oriented Campaigns as per Your Business Needs.

We Have the Right Social Media Service Packages for your Needs

You get two-fold benefits at WebDigi. The first is getting the services of a team who have years of industry experience in social media marketing. The other benefit is you can also reach out to our in-house team of experts who specialize in web design and SEO to clarify your doubts. We have offered our bespoke services to businesses of every type, ranging from start-ups to small business enterprises to large organizations. Select the best social media marketing services’ packages for your company or personal blog. We have customized packages for Marketing campaigns, consulting/strategies to run your social media channels, management/measurement of social media tools for your online website.

Social Media Marketing service in Bangalore

Make Your Business Grow  Multi-fold

Take time to go through our packages because they are specially designed to improve the visibility of your products/services/articles in front of the decision maker audiences. Our experts have their fingers firmly placed on the changing trends in social media platforms. They can, with their posts, tap into relevant community circles in tune with your niche and bring the best returns on investment for the business.

Designing a Personalized Strategy

Our social media marketing agency in New Zealand has experts who use the best innovative techniques/methods in the marketing industry to design a personal strategy. The plan will have –


  • Content Preparation plan and daily/weekly/monthly schedule of posts
  • Zeroing on social media platforms as per your niche
  • Making use of analytical tools to realize Returns on Investment
Social Media Marketing service in Bangalore

SMM Strategy for your business

Our social media team consistently post engaging, call-to-action content to reach your audience and then prepare reports to realize the improvements to be made in the strategy. During this phase, we will


  • Open accounts in relevant social media platforms
  • Engagement with fans/followers of your business to create customer communities on selected platforms.

Why Us

We Devote Ourselves to Understanding Your Business Goals and Make It Happen Real with Our Social Media Services.

SMM in Bangalore

Organic Reach/Paid Posts

Giving excellent results has become a habit for our result-oriented team of social media marketing services experts. We combine recent marketing techniques along with traditional methods to build a proper communication bridge between your business and the customers. Our evangelists understand the nuances and constraints of every platform related with your business and the target group. Armed with the data, they design a new plan that can help create new business communities across the globe for your brand.
SMM in Bangalore

Running Customer Centric Campaigns

We can make you reach the maximum customers with our customized design posts. Also, through running ads only on specific platforms, we can create new customers across the globe.You can find it easy to measure your success levels by getting perfect reports and insights from the campaign reports generated by the best paid social media tools. Our team can run cost-effective marketing campaigns to promote maximum exposure of new products/services across the globe.

SMM in Bangalore

Small Projects/Big Projects

If you are a small business or start-up with a lean budget and resources, fear not, we have the best customized package for your needs. WebDigi is a social media company in Auckland with a skilled team. We know the tricks to create various campaigns (organic/paid) to get the best results for your business. For large businesses, we have the necessary resources to improve leads, divert maximum customer traffic to their website, and also promote brand awareness by focusing on platforms such as Linkedin.
SMM in Bangalore

Relaunching Your Business/Blog

Do you feel of having lost the LOYALTY connection with your target audience? No Worries! We first discuss your business objectives and then hit upon a fool-proof plan to get positive long-term financial results. Our team can use content-rich videos to drive maximum organic impressions, consistently post/interact on specific platforms to drive customer engagement and measure the success of Facebook Marketing and Google Ads. We can help your lost customers regain confidence with your brand.


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Our services involve getting the correct message for your target audience. We can provide the best solutions regarding the social media platforms which work right for your business. Consult with our Business Development Manager to know about the packages.

Can you outline some benefits on why do I have to opt for social media marketing services?

Came Covid-19, many countries have applied social distancing restrictions and other lockdown measures. So the general public have shifted to making purchases online and spending more time on social media. Our social media marketing experts can help you reach more number of customers. We can help you develop relationships with the target audience and making strategies to generate leads and sales.

How can I measure the success of your social media marketing campaigns?

You can gain the results from traffic to your online site, leads, sales and number of customers. Also, the number of followers that you have gained on social media platforms. But the best is getting a hike in revenue for your E-commerce business site.

It is not that you will gain only revenue from our services. We can help your target audience gain trust in the products/services the website offers.

How much do you charge for a marketing campaign?
It depends on the platforms that can bring the desired leads to your business. Marketing campaigns always start with a fee – WebDigi is happy to announce we have the best packages in town.
Do I really need an E-commerce website or blog to advertise my products or services online? Can’t you help with marketing on social media channels?
Yes, we can definitely help you with advertising and the best campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. But you need to have an identity or representation of your company on the internet. And what will be better than an E-commerce website or blog? Please note, we can offer the best packages regarding web design and digital marketing, all at one place – WebDigi.
Do you provide services for all sectors – B2B, B2C, C2C and G2C?
Yes, our experts are proficient in adapting to the requirements of every industry. We first make a list of the platforms which is used more by your target audience and then start the posts.

We focus on the right content that can generate traffic to your website. It can be a post, GIF or video and then we prepare a schedule that can create loyal communities for your company.

When Will I see the results?
It depends on the service packages you have opted with WebDigi. If you have opted for only a basic package and concentrate on organic reaches, it will take more time to cause an impact. On the contrary, if you are opting for paid ad campaigns, you can see the changes within 15 days.