Is SEO still around the corner? This is the question which every individual who does not know about the subject still ask. But ask the Digital Marketing Experts, and they will confirm SEO remains an integral part of business strategies. In fact, SEO is best referred to as the first marketing technique that attained prominence before Digital Marketing in the online business world. In this article, let us focus on the SEO trends that businesses must adapt to in 2021. Do you have a successful small brick-and-mortar store dealing with clothes in New Zealand and have recently entered online to take your business to global heights? Then the content written on this web page will help you get valuable information. However, understanding SEO concepts and implementing it will be a challenge. To get the maximum benefits of SEO, you can opt for the services of an SEO agency in New Zealand which has the best experts in the globe. They can help your online business reach dizzying heights.
You will get surprised to know that SEO techniques have become more complex. Gone are the days, when you can just optimize your business website with the relevant keywords, meta titles and meta description of articles. With the current trends that involve around following the recent technological tools, an SEO expert must think every aspect, right from Voice Control to Video SEO. The Metrics, forever change, and it is vital to follow the recent SEO trends to make an impact on your industry to stay on the top in Google searches. Having knowledge of the right SEO tools will, however, help you prepare not only a good SEO business strategy, but also implement it successfully.
If you want your website to be ranked higher in the listings, then you need to pay attention to numerous metrics such as backlinks, traffic as well as social shares. We have taken the best SEO trends from the internet and have integrated them into this article. So, before you begin, we wish you a HAPPY READING and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

One of the first tasks, you must take time and decide is an attractive URL. You have to time and again check at the first instance, if the URL makes the perfect combination for your business, name, vision, spelling etc. It will be better if the name can also resemble any popular social media platform. For help, you can use Panabee or GoDaddy for getting the best name in your business. For hosting, you can count on GoDaddy or Name Vine.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Does the title ring a bell? The reason, you may have heard about AI in machines, software and more, but AI in SEO? No, we are not in the mood to do jokes. Google has incorporated this new technology in its search algorithm (RankBrain). In short, it has changed the very landscape of people and their interaction with internet content. However, you need not burn the midnight oil to implement the new factors. The basics remain the same and you must update the website with useful content relevant to your industry. Doing an on-page check from an SEO expert can provide the best details in terms of back links, readability and more.

2. Voice Search

Talk of innovations and we can see a smile on your happy face. Yes, VOICE SEARCH? Does it remind you of a few names such as Siri from Apple, Alexa from Amazon, Google Assistant? However, the good news is technology has always improved for the better, but how did Voice Search and SEO get connected? There lies the surprise. A lot of teenagers are using the above-mentioned software such as Siri, and the businesses have no other option but to change the content as per the most searched long-tail keywords given by the SEO tools.
For example, you have an online business that deals with website design. Now, your website should contain the long-tail keywords – best website design agency in New Zealand. Then, your website may come above the other competitor’s rankings.

3. Articles of Greater Length

There are many who update their websites with articles of 400 to 500 words. The reason, they want to inform the search engines about the updated content. However, as per the recent update, now the trend is writing SEO optimized articles of minimum 800 to maximum 3000 words which contain valuable information.

4. Video Content

Business experts say video marketing is the future. So, how do you optimize the videos? You can do wonders with SEO when it comes to the name, titles, and description. However, you need to ensure that the content is not crowded with keywords.

5. Local Search Listings

Yes, the internet is global, but you should also understand many businesses survive based on Local Search Listings. They can search for a restaurant, plumber, website designer or a martial art class and more. Local SEO is still in the evolving stages. So, you should take care to include even the keywords of a specific category on your business website.


So, these are only some of the SEO trends that businesses must adapt in 2021. There are other trends in the offing such as semantic searches and more. We hope to cover the other topics during this year. Till then, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR ahead, and we sincerely hope, that this article has given you good information.