How Has Digital Marketing Revolutionised Traditional Marketing?

If you do not modify your marketing concepts as per the recent trend, then your business will be left behind by competitors in the same industry. Since the past decade, the marketing industry has seen tremendous changes. Yes, many forms of marketing have come to the fore, but most businesses are relying on digital marketing to make their products/services more visible to the target audience. In this article, let us focus on the concept of how digital marketing has revolutionized traditional marketing and more ideas. 

Gone were the days, when marketing relied on pamphlets, banners and other forms of electronic media such as TV/radio. However, with digital marketing, the focus is more on social media platforms – the main reason – many of the target audience usually access their social profiles via their mobile phones or tablets.

A. Customer Care Service

Are you surprised as to how digital marketing and customer care service are linked? Unlike the earlier times, for a complaint, the customer must send a mail or visit the office of the company. Check with the same situation – a visitor can directly send a message to the CEO of an account. In the worse situation, they can begin a group and start posting complaints on Facebook and even LinkedIn. The company will find it difficult to handle the damage. So, when it comes to customer care, the executives will have to handle not only the normal complaints but also those on social media platforms. Usually, a complaint should get a response within 24 hours.

B. Engagement

In the olden days, the customers used to meet with the business owners only in stores or other business places. Now, with digital channels, the customers can meet with the company executives with ease. Also, there is tough competition in every industry and the businesses try their level best to make their products/services more visible to the target audience. Also, they run several projects in the form of quizzes, competitions, discount offers on their website or social media profiles to interact with the audience and keep them engaged via the social media platforms. The idea is to create a loyal business community and transform their business into a brand.

C. Cost-Effective

In the earlier days, if a business wanted to reach a global level or the entire country, the advertising costs were higher. Now, with social media, even a small company by means of organic posts can reach a minimum of the target audience. If the company has a high budget, then it is possible to reach the target audience on a global scale.

D. Excellent ROI

Three decades ago, it was difficult to estimate the correct return on investment for advertising campaigns. But now, with digital marketing tools, it is easy to precisely know the returns on investment by lead generation campaigns.

E. Business Pages in Social Media Profiles

It has become mandatory for a company to have a business on Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular platforms. The digital marketing team can post images pertaining to discount offers or the introduction of a new product. Also, if the social media profiles are properly optimized with relevant keywords, then consumers can reach the website of the company within less time.

F. Advertisements

There was a time when advertisements used to be only in the form of banners and billboards. But now, an advertisement can come in the form of podcasts, GIFs, videos, and even call-to-action phrases.

G. Company Apps

In 2016, every small or big company wanted to release an app on the Android store so that their products or services are made more visible to the audience.

However, let us focus only on Facebook Messenger. Almost every millennial is on this platform, and it has become an easy tool to advertise company products and services.

H. Content Promotion

Have you ever heard about content shock? Okay, the words spell content in the form of videos, images and other forms posted on the internet in millions. Millions of advertisements are sent via Whatsapp. But since the competition is tough, marketers need to have an eagle’s eye on their every message and post. A single mistake in an Ad can spell doom for a company as a post is the representation of the company.

I. Knowledge about Social Media Platforms

A digital marketer needs to know the target audience. Every industry will have a target audience, and they will frequent only some platforms. For example, in politics, a single tweet can create a sensation. Cut to the same, a single video on Facebook can go viral. Also, there will be multiple amounts of data generated on social media platforms. So, the digital marketer needs to have complete knowledge of tools.

J. Influencer Marketing

In the 1990s, the public followed the movie stars and some famous personalities such as cricketers, football players, basketball players etc. If these persons endorse a product, it means a business boom for the company. Did you remember about influencer marketing? Yes. However, influencer marketing happens only on some platforms. An influencer marketer can have millions of followers in his/her Instagram account. He/she will get paid to endorse products to their followers.

K. Make New Products Connect with the Audience

Imagine, Apple is releasing a new mobile model by the name of the iPhone 14 series. Even before the release of the product, it has got millions of bookings. How? The Apple team does it by involving every loyalist in their event via live streaming events. A small company, if it wants to hit the big time, can also reach their audience via the same method when they want to introduce a new product or service.

L. Content Marketing

In the earlier days, a brand product will get recognized only via its colour and the finesse of products and high-quality services. But now, a product of a company gets recognized by its logo, product design and call-to-action content. In Facebook ad & Google Ad campaigns, it is the call-to-action phrases that make a mark, captivate the target audience, and make them go for the purchase.


This article focuses on the aspects of how digital marketing has revolutionized traditional marketing concepts and the benefits it has brought to businesses around the globe. Are you an entrepreneur from New Zealand who has a business and wants to go online? You have designed a website for household products and want to promote it online. Now you are searching for a digital marketing company in New Zealand to do the tasks for your products. To get the best out of your investment when it comes to social media marketing services in New Zealand, you need to first know your business objectives and goals. Then, check the best three companies in the country and select one among them. Have a discussion in detail about your products, the social media campaigns and more. These steps will give the best results for your investment.

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