How Content Marketing Will Help Improve your Website Ranking

The name of content marketing was rarely heard, two decades ago, but in recent times, it has become a prominent asset of social media marketing and digital marketing. After all, there is the favourite statement – Content is and will always remain as the KING. In recent times, content marketing is usually used in companies to satisfy the objectives of the business. Yes, there are various ways of presenting content that can appeal to readers, such as in the form of blogs, articles, infographics, short stories, memes, jokes, case studies and more. There was a time when content marketing was not focused on the selling part. But with the distance getting reduced due to stiff competition, this marketing has got mixed with social media marketing and digital marketing. The concept of this content marketing is simple – give valuable content which can solve the doubts of the customer during his/her searches. Also, the words should speak about trust and emphasize loyalty among the target audience.

In the following paragraphs, let us focus on the ways content marketing can improve your business (regardless of small, medium or large).

A. Enhance your Brand Reputation

 Agreed, content marketing is a part of digital marketing and social media marketing. But please note, consistently posting on all social media platforms of your company will make the target audience believe you are an active participant in the game. 

How can you build trust in your target audience? Through the words which are displayed on your websites, brochures, flyers and advertising material. In this era of cut-throat competition, every word should be written with a flair for excellence. Then, your company will grow into a brand.

B. Conversions

It is true that digital marketing has changed the very principles of traditional marketing. And content marketing has played a major part in both the traditional and digital types. What is the major purpose of writing content for the business? Conversions, right! So, here are the benefits of content marketing –

  • Call-to-action phrases, if written in a proper way, can offer conversion rates nearly six times more than the traditional marketing methods. 
  • If your blog or article promotes a service with relevance to the content, there are 61 per cent more chances of conversion. 
  • Video content can give the best ROI and increase conversions through lead generations, regardless of business type.

C. The Best Written Content helps to improve your SEO

The importance of SEO is well-known, and its importance will be recognized for the next decade. You need to follow the right principles of SEO to bring more visibility to your website or blog. But easier said than ever. Writing SEO optimized content involves a great deal of effort and grace.

Business websites that are centred around content creation consistently, have been known to get more than 400 per cent of the visibility than the other blogs. Please note, if you consistently post every week, when the search engines crawl, the bots will take more time. Subsequently, your website will get good rankings.

Let us imagine, you have a website that offers social media marketing services in New Zealand. In addition, you also offer other services such as graphic designing, website design, digital marketing and more. You can have a separate blog section and write an article related to each service on your website every week.

You need to write on titles which are focused on future innovations regarding a specific service. Then, you can make the visitors get engaged with the articles. With consistency, your business website can slowly get high rankings from the search engines.

You can have the best written content that can go viral. But if you have a weak title, missing meta-description, then there are no chances of visibility. So, you should focus on content that is effective and put the readers on hold for the entire time till they read the complete article.

D. Subject Matter Expertise

Let us take a case study, for example. You have a digital marketing agency in New Zealand. And you have a business website with relevant information so that clients can contact you for queries. The blog on your website will give details on your expertise and make the visitors opt for the services.

Even your service packages should cater to the requirements of the client, the challenges they face, and the rules of the industry. The blog should contain educational content which should demonstrate your expertise in a specific topic or subject.

The main objective of content marketing is to retain existing customers, make new audiences view the advertisements/flyers and get converted to loyalists for your brand products/services.

E. Video-Based Content

The audience has moved from the stage of reading articles to watching videos. The reason, is there are many who commute by public transport or via private organization vehicles when going to the office. In this free time, they view the videos uploaded on youtube and other channels. At present, even posting result-oriented videos on Facebook are considered one of the best channels for content marketing.

F. Conversational Marketing

This marketing can be considered as a subset of content marketing. The only difference, it engages the customers and you will get to know their needs, goals, requests and more. You can know the details without them giving relevant information on a form.

G. Voice Search and Smart Devices

These days, even college students find information via Google Assistant on their smartphones. So, the trend has set in. Even you, as a business owner, must take note. In the future, content in the website may get changed to suit voice searches in smart devices. The new technology of voice chat and voice assistants is getting famous all over the globe. So, instead of focusing on short term keywords such as digital marketing services in Bangalore, you need to post the words – How to search for the topmost digital marketing service agency in New Zealand?


Above mentioned are some points on how content marketing will help improve your business website? There are many more points that need to get added, and we may focus on them in the next round of blogs.

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