E-Commerce Development

Our Designed, Functional Websites Keep Your Target Audience Engaged & Also Make Them Buy Products or Opt for Services.

Get Best User-Friendly E-Commerce Websites

We design the websites that cater to B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B, B2G sectors and other types of audiences. Our team of E-commerce web developers in New Zealand can design the best digital platform that can generate maximum revenue by giving excellent customer experience to your target audience. WebDigi has E-commerce web design experts that can write flawless code and can design your online presence from scratch. If you want to add more features in the next phase, there will be no hindrance.

You can have a brilliant new idea about business, and we excel at converting them to an online presence that can become the epitome of simple experiences for your customer. Your business website will be optimized with the finest graphics, up-to-date software programs, good navigation features to convert visitors to customers.


Technologies we use – WordPress, Shopify & More ..

E-Commerce Development Service in Bangalore

User-Centric Design

Your website should speak the customer’s language. It should have minimum content, the best graphics and navigation features that the customer gets engrossed and ends up making the purchase. The products or services should be arranged in a clutter-free way and have the best description so that the customer faces no complication in selecting the products/services. Our E-commerce website designers can create the online presence that opens within a few seconds across a variety of devices ranging from mobiles, desktops, laptops to tablets.

Best E-Commerce Web Developers

We can select the relevant online platform for your business ideas. Our team uses the recent industry technologies so that you can get the best visibility for your products/services. We can design E-commerce website (5 web pages) for a small business and also design the best online presence for a large conglomerate (50 web pages). Our company also has experts, who offer SEO Services, Graphic Design Services, Social Media Marketing Services and Digital Marketing Services to clients around the globe.

E-Commerce Development Service in Bangalore
E-Commerce Development Service in Bangalore

Every Feature That Your Website Needs –

You can expect your website to contain the following features of high-quality such as –

  • Content Management System
  • SEO optimized content/layout 
  • Discount tools along with promotion tabs
  • Blog/articles sections
  • Personal Business emails
  • Payment getaways (Debit Card/Credit Card)
  • Navigation design as per the requirement
  • Filters/Search Options

Why Us

Webdigi Offers a Wide Range of the Finest Web Design Options that Can Generate More Leads for your E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Development in Bangalore

New E-Commerce Website Design

Your business web pages will go online as per the scheduled deadline. We can also help in logo design as per your ideas and industry requirement. When converting your ideas to the digital platform, our E-commerce web developers ensure to design as per the language of your audience. We take extreme caution to understand their preferences in colour, culture and graphics to the resemblance in the products/services on the website. These aspects help build the trust of the customers in your business products.
E-Commerce Development in Bangalore

Existing E-Commerce Website

Has the customer traffic reduced for your Business Website? We can offer assistance. Our E-commerce website design team can check every web page for the broken codes, remove the unwanted design pages (only if needed) and replace them with relevant graphic visuals. The customer is not interested in money or purchases – He/she wants to forge a relationship with your products. We will also renovate the entire structure with SEO content and CTA words that can entice the visitors to become a loyal follower of your brand.

E-Commerce Development Service in Bangalore

Catering to Diverse Sectors

We have designed some of the finest websites for many businesses ranging from small businesses/medium range enterprises/large conglomerates and multi-national corporations. We have also helped create websites for many start-ups in the logistics, health and retail sector.

E-Commerce Development Service in Bangalore

Types of E-Commerce Models

We can design the best revenue models (Dropshipping, Wholesaling, Private Labeling, White labelling & Subscription). Our team can also design types of E-commerce websites (vendor specific to individual sellers, Retail-businesses to multiple sellers) and more.


How I can trust – WebDigi is a reliable E-Commerce Web Design Company?
We understand your thoughts. This is a common question asked by every client around the world. You can check our list of clients and can get an idea. You can check our list of clients and can get an idea. We believe honest work done with passion with a professional team will speak the best language regarding our reliability and other factors.
Do I have to opt for any special Internet Connection for my E-Commerce Website designed by WebDigi?
It is better to have one of the best internet packages in any part of the globe from a good service provider. Please note, a broadband connection is necessary than the other packages.
Will you provide a search box option for the visitor to search for items in my E-Commerce web design?
Yes, our web design services include providing a search box facility for your business.
Will your E-commerce web developers in New Zealand integrate the payment gateways in my website? Will every credit /debit card be accepted?

Yes, our experts can design the payment features that are suitable to a number of payment systems such as a Worldpay, Google Checkouts, Barclays and more. You can choose the best for your website.

Can you kindly inform how many customers can access my website all over the globe at the same time?
There are absolutely no limits.
Can I get my website similar to the models such as Mark & Spencer?
You can have a similar E-commerce website design with another set of features that can suit your requirements. First, let us discuss your needs.
Can WebDigi also help me in optimizing my website and marketing campaigns?
Yes. However, it will depend on the packages you have selected for the website design. If you have selected the PERFECT combination, then you will also get SEO optimized content in the website along with some digital marketing packages.
Do you also provide hosting services or do I have to look for another provider?
We have the best contract with excellent hosting service providers and can do the same for your E-commerce website. You are also free to check other providers in the market.
What will be the cost of the website design?
The price will vary as per your requirement. Fortunately, we have worked with diverse clients and so have the best packages for E-Commerce web design. Kindly contact our Business Development Manager for getting the best package of your choice.
How can I update my website after you deliver?

There are various methods to update your products/services in the E-commerce site after we deliver. You need to select the type and functional aspects. If you have a small website and wish to update only few products every three months, then WebDigi can come up with the best cost-effective packages for your need.

If you wish to include large number of products/services, then you will need a content management system where you can provide the recent updates to the target audience. If needed, our web design services team can also provide spreadsheets and databases.

What is the need to choose WebDigi over other service providers?
Please note, we are already established names in web design services and digital marketing campaigns. Our company professionals have provided services to small/medium and other businesses of all types in the globe.

K. Are there any restrictions on the number of pages I can have on my website?
No, our E-commerce website developers in Auckland/globe can design a digital presence that can host the maximum number of web pages. In fact, the more number of products your site contains, the better it will be for getting a good ranking from the search engines.